20 jun 2021

2 jun 2021

                                                                  Welcome June

                         Cinderella´s Dream - Book Sculpture




22 may 2021

18 may 2021

 Continuing with Tiny Books here there is a Library filled with Tiny Books.


16 may 2021

And this is "The Tree of Knowledge" with all the tiny books I showed you yesterday in place. 


14 may 2021


 After so long without publishing any news here, I have decided to start creating new content again as I keep receiving visits to this very old blog :)

For those of you who have been following my work, there is not much to say except that, as you probaly already know, I love working with books and I have made this medium my life. For those of you who haven´t followed my steps, please, you are welcome to follow me and ask, suggest or give your opinion on anything you want, you ALL are very welcome!!

I keep publishing new content on facebook, instagram, twitter, etsy, etc....

One of my most famous Sculptures is "The Tree of Knowledge", and these are some of the tiny books I use to create this beautiful Sculpture.

I hope you are all feeling all right in these terrible times we are living. 

TAKE CARE!! and see you soon.

16 oct 2016


As you might have noticed, I do not publish here as much as before. If you want to follow my work, you can find me on facebook , see my portfolio on Behance and, of course, see what I keep uploading for sale in my shop . 
I am working on having a web page for next year, I will let you know the link as soon as it is ready.
If you want to contact me, you can also use my email malvalr@hotmail.com

Como probablemente habeis notado, ya no publico practicamente nada aquí. Si quereis seguir mi trabajo, podeis encontrarme en facebook , ver mi portfolio en Behance y, por supuesto, ver lo que voy poniendo a la venta en mi tienda. 
Para el año que viene tendré una página web personal, os haré saber el link tan pronto como esté lista.
Si quereis contactar conmigo, podeis hacerlo también a mi email malvalr@hotmail.com

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